How To Take Care Of Your Septic Tank

The things that you put in your septic system can greatly affect its ability to do its job. And its job is pretty important. Your septic system is what channels and releases all of your home's water from the kitchen, bathroom, pool, and more. Making sure you know how to properly take care of it can help you maintain it for the long term. Of course, it's always good to call a professional if any issues arrive, and also get regular septic tank service to ensure that it is in the best order.

There are certain objects that you should avoid putting into your system in the first place, as they will adversely affect your septic tank system:

Paper Towels

While bath tissues are designed to break down and dissolve completely throughout their journey to your septic tank, that is not the case with paper towels. They are often the culprit of clogged pipes, which can lead to malfunctioning water systems and even a burst in your septic system.

Drain Chemicals

There are many industrial grade cleaners on the market. These cleaners are marketed as "safe" for your pipes. However, when you pour drain cleaner into your system, the harsh chemicals can have a very bad effect on your septic system. It can interact with other chemicals in the ground or even begin to eat through the pipes and cause leakage.

Food Scraps

When preparing a large meal or cleaning up the dishes, it can be tempting to throw excess food scraps into the garbage disposal. When food scraps enter your pipes, they often cause blockages that prevent other items from going through your pipes as well. This combines to create leaks and breakage, and that's not to mention the smell of a septic system that isn't treated properly. 

Water Softeners

While some people have specific taste preferences for water, a water softener may not be your best bet. The chemical reaction between the softener and your septic waste could cause unwanted smells and slow decomposition.

The septic tank is a vital part of your home. It allows you to enjoy the modern luxuries such as running water and working bathrooms and kitchens. In order to keep your septic tank healthy and prevent accidents, be sure to follow the tips above. Most of all, never hesitate to call a professional to correct any issues that may arise.

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