How To Access Your Home's Submersible Well Pump

Whether your well pump is acting up or it's died completely, you'll need to have it replaced. Although some well pumps are easily accessible just below the well cap, submersible pumps are placed far beneath the surface. This makes them more difficult to get to, but not impossible. Here's a look at the steps you'll need to access your well's pump.

Shut it Down

Even if the pump has stopped working, it's still in your best interest to disable it completely before you do any work. That means shutting down the power to the pump area. Look for the breaker in your circuit breaker panel. It should be clearly labeled, but if it isn't, you may need to turn off a breaker or two until you get the one that controls the power on that part of the property.

Remove the Cap

Before you can change the pump, you have to access the well. Most well drillers will show you where the cap's been placed when they drill. If you aren't sure where to find it, just look for a PVC tube sticking up from the ground in the yard. That tube will mark the well's location. The metal cap that sits on top of the well is the well cover. Use a wrench to remove the bolt that's in the center, then lift the cap.

Disconnect the Line

Before you can pull the pump, you need to disconnect the line running into the well. You should have a "T" handle left behind by the well company for this task. If not, your local well contractors will provide you with one. Locate the coupler inside the well, then thread the handle on to the coupler. This is attached directly to the supply line. Pull the handle straight up to disconnect the line from the intake valve.

Lift the Pump

Continue to lift up on the "T" handle to pull the pump directly out of the well. You may need a few extra people to help with this, because the line that's connected to the pump is likely to be pretty long. The deeper your well is, the longer the line will be. Keep pulling until you reach the pump, then pull the pump out of the well.

Removing the pump from your well is a pretty simple process, but replacing it requires that the new well be primed before being inserted into the well. Work with a well drilling and installation contractor for more info and to make sure that yours is done correctly.