Caring For Your Commercial Concrete Floors

Concrete flooring makes a durable addition to your office building or warehouse. Maintaining the concrete will help to keep your floors looking great for years to come. Make sure that your janitorial crew knows what steps need to be taken to maintain the floors. The following tips will help your team keep the floors clean and polished for years of beauty.

Daily Vacuuming

For floors without a finish, such as those you might find in a warehouse or storeroom, daily cleaning involves removing dust and debris. Because the surface is not finished, a dust mop will send dust particles into the air where they will then settle back onto the floor. Renting a commercial vacuum, such as a backpack model, will help you to effectively remove the dust and debris from your floors. Concrete flooring with a polished finish can be cleaned daily with the use of a commercial floor scrubber. Look for a model that vacuums and scrubs to make cleaning faster and more efficient.

Annual Maintenance

As your floors are subjected to foot traffic, they may begin to lose their luster. Consider renting propane grinding equipment to grind and polish your concrete floors at least once per year. Grinders are used in conjunction with diamond abrasives. These abrasives are measured by grit level, with the higher numbers representing a fine grit. For floors with a high polish, you'll want to use a diamond abrasive with a higher grit number. Make sure your janitorial crew reads the operating instructions that come with the grinder and the abrasive to ensure a proper finish for your floors.

Floor Sealing

Sealing your floors helps to prevent staining that can occur due to the porous nature of concrete. Even with regular cleaning and maintenance, your floors might fall victim to staining if they aren't properly sealed. Your janitorial crew should only seal the floors after they have been properly vacuumed and mopped to avoid trapping dirt in the sealant. The process of sealing the floors is similar to painting, and it should be done on a weekend, preferably when no one else will be in the building to walk across the wet floor. If you aren't sure which type of sealer is right for your floors, check with your contractor or talk to your industrial equipment provider.

Caring for your office or warehouse concrete flooring properly ensures years of beauty and durability for your building. Go over these steps with your janitorial crew to make sure your floors are being taken care of effectively. Consider cleaning equipment rentals to get the job done.