3 Popular Overhead Garage Door Materials

Just as there are different styles of garage doors, such as rolling or fixed, there are different materials you can choose from. The material you choose is important, because your garage is the largest moving piece of machinery in your house typically. It will likely be there for years to come and you want to ensure that your home's value is improved with its installation and that your family enjoys the material. To help you compare, here are 3 common types of overhead garage door materials:


This is charming and authentic. Other materials often try to copy it, after all. Wood can be customized to your size and shape of preference, and it can withstand a few stray balls and bats from the family sports moments. However, you might find yourself performing maintenance more often than with other materials, as wood is organic and susceptible to climate conditions such as moisture. 


Metal can be a more optimal choice than wood if you don't want to perform or pay for much maintenance. It is also pretty inexpensive when compared to other materials thanks to its worldwide presence as a commodity in virtually every developed industry. It is a tough material that won't give in easily to scratches or bumps. However, rusting can be an issue in certain coastal areas where sea water (high in sodium content) is carried by the wind to your home over a long period of time. You can choose from a variety of steel paints and springs when choosing metal, so don't worry about being stuck with gray or silver (unless that's what you are looking for).


This material is cheaper than metal, but it typically comes at a higher price than wood. Aluminum is perhaps the best choice for those who live in areas where rusting is an issue. Steel might be a problem, but aluminum is actually resistant to it and can last you longer in these moist climates. The light weight of aluminum also means that your overhead rigging system won't take so much strain, and could mean that you can enjoy fewer repairs and less maintenance on your overall garage system over time.

The garage door is often described as the centerpiece of your home's front side. Your neighbors and family will view it on a daily basis. In addition, your climate may affect certain materials used in your garage door. To ensure the best look, usability, and longevity of your garage door, evaluate the materials above and enjoy the perfect overhead door for your needs.