Troubleshooting For A Problematic Industrial Air Compressor

Has the air compressor that you use in your warehouse been problematic? There are a few things that can go wrong with an air compressor, but you may be able to figure out what kind of repair is necessary based on the problems that it is having. In this article, find out what can cause an air compressor to not function as it should and what might need to be done to fix the problem.

The Air Compressor Always Gets Excessively Hot

One of the common problems that can lead to an air compressor getting excessively hot is when it is used in a room that is not properly ventilated. It is necessary for an air compressor to have a sufficient amount of air circulating around it in order to keep the parts inside of it cool. Make sure windows are left open or that you are running the air conditioner when the air compressor is in use. You must also keep in mind that an air compressor has as specific duty cycle, depending on the model that you have. If you go beyond the duty cycle when using the air compressor, it can cause it to become extremely hot.

Circuit Breakers Trip When Using the Air Compressor

An industrial air compressor requires a lot of electricity, so you must make sure that there are enough amps in the electrical panel for handling the equipment. If you use a lot of industrial equipment besides the air compressor, you might need to unplug a few pieces to make sure the amps are not being overused. You can also hire an electrician to upgrade the electrical panel to prevent the air compressor from tripping the circuit breakers. The outlet that the air compressor is plugged into may also have faulty wiring that is causing the circuit breakers to trip. Get the wires inspected to ensure that your warehouse is not at risk of catching on fire each time that you turn the circuit breakers back on.

The Air Compressor Becomes Less Powerful

If your air compressor always becomes less powerful when it is in use, it might be a sign that the motor is problematic. The motor must have plenty of oil and the appropriate amount of lubrication in order for the air compressor to work efficiently. In some cases, a new motor must be installed because it has become worn out. Talk to a professional from a company like Compressor-Pump & Service, Inc. about what's going on with your air compressor so the problem can get repaired.