3 Tips for Increasing the Visibility of Your Rented Scaffolding

Using scaffolding for rent during an upcoming job can make the project easier and safer, whether you're repairing the siding on the exterior of your home, replacing the roof, or doing another project that needs a ladder. If your home is in an environment that calls on you to set up the scaffolding in a high-traffic area—like placing it on the sidewalk because your home butts up against the sidewalk—you'll need to take some steps to increase the visibility of the scaffolding. The last thing you want is someone to walk into it and cause it to shake when you're standing on it. Here are some methods of accomplishing this goal.

Place Fluorescent Pylons Around It

While you might shrug off the likelihood that someone could walk into your set-up scaffolding, the reality is that if someone is distracted by his or her phone and isn't looking ahead, the person could bump into the scaffolding. You can create an early warning that something on the sidewalk is different by placing fluorescent pylons on each side of the scaffolding. Set them up several yards away to provide an early warning for any pedestrians approaching your scaffolding.

Make Some Tape Lines

Another method that you can use is to buy a roll of reflective tape—similar to what police officers use at crime scenes—and place it strategically around the scaffolding. This can be especially advantageous if your scaffolding is set up around a blind corner that people on bicycles might commonly zip around. Tie one end of the tape to a light post or sign post and run it horizontally across the sidewalk, securing the other end to a fire hydrant, a fence or something else sturdy. Repeat this pattern on each side of the scaffolding to keep people away from it.

Block the Path with a Vehicle

You can also block the path toward the scaffolding with your vehicle. This will clearly alert people to your presence and prompt them to take a wide berth around your work area. Instead of parking on the road beside the sidewalk, simply pull your vehicle up so that it partially covers the sidewalk. If you have a friend helping you with the project, have him park his vehicle in a similar fashion on the other side of the scaffolding.

If you're looking for more safety tips, contact local contractors or talk further with your rental equipment supplier.