Learn How To Replace The Rubber Edging Along The Floor Panel In Your Van

Over time, the trim along the edge of the floorboard near the sliding door of a van can become damaged. This is because people put pressure on the rubber edging as they step in and out of the van. If you have noticed that the rubber edging along the edge of the floorboard of your van has started to crack or chunks have already been taken out of it, it is time to replace the rubber edging. The following guide walks you through the process to easily replace the rubber edging along the floorboard of your van near the sliding door.

Remove the Panel from Your Van

The first thing that you must do is you must remove the panel from your van. You should be able to slide the tip of a flat head screwdriver between the area where the panel and the edge of the door frame meet. Push the screwdriver down and it should cause the panel to pop up slightly. You should then be able to lift the panel up toward the roof of the van and pull it out.

Remove the Rubber Edging from the Panel

Next, you need to remove the rubber edging from the panel. You should be able to grab the edge of the rubber at the end of the panel with your pointer finger and your thumb. Pull the rubber away from the panel. It should come off in one piece.

Order a Replacement Piece of Rubber

You will then need to purchase a replacement piece of rubber to use on the panel. Use a measuring tape to measure the rubber to ensure that you purchase a piece that is the exact length of the original piece that is damaged. When you go to order the rubber online, you need to specify that it is the rubber designed for the edging in a van and the length that you need. This will ensure that you order a piece of rubber that has the opening in it that is designed to slide over the edge of the panel.

Replace the Rubber on the Panel

Once the new piece of rubber has arrived, pinch the end of the rubber between your pointer finger and your thumb. Push it onto the edge of the panel where the old rubber was located. You should then be able to go down the panel and push the rest of the rubber into place.

Once the rubber has been replaced, you should be able to slip the panel back into place with ease. The edging should look as good as new and no one will ever know that you took care of the repair yourself. For more information, talk to a professional like Accurate  Products Inc.