Use Equipment Designed For Efficiency And Safety

If a dock is used when materials are dropped off to or picked up from the warehouse that you own, your employees need to maintain the cleanliness of the dock, utilize equipment that will help them load and unload items efficiently, and inform and protect themselves and each delivery driver.

Clean The Dock And Post Speed Limit And Clearance Signs

Require your employees to remove cartons, packing materials, and other loose items that are on the dock after each delivery. If you have not already posted signs associated with the speed limit or the height of the overhang that is attached to the dock, purchase signage that will inform delivery drivers to slow down when approaching your warehouse and to be aware of the height restriction.

Install LED lighting near the signs so that delivery drivers can see the signs if they are going to be dropping off or picking up items when it is dark or foggy. Lights can also be installed along the sides of the pavement that leads to the dock so that each delivery person is aware of where they should drive. 

Install Bumpers, Guardrails, And Handrails

Even drivers who are very careful can encounter an accident occasionally. Protect your building from damage by installing bumpers and guardrails. Safety handrails should be installed around the perimeter of the dock. The handrails will assist with remaining steady while transporting items across the dock.

Inform your workers to stand back while a driver is backing up their vehicle and to wait for the driver to turn off and exit the vehicle before approaching them. This tactic will eliminate distractions that could cause the driver to back their vehicle up too closely to the dock. 

Purchase Hand Trucks And Stabilizing Jacks

If you own any hand trucks that have wheels with damaged surfaces, purchase new ones. Install a metal rack inside of your business so that the hand trucks can be stored when they are not in use. Tell your workers that you would like the hand trucks and other shipping and receiving equipment to be brought indoors in between deliveries and pickups.

Stabilizing jacks should be used when lifting pallets from the dock or floor inside of your business. Provide your employees with formal training so that they are comfortable using one of the jacks and are able to secure it to a pallet the proper way. 

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