Construction Material Suppliers By Type

To be a construction material supplier, you must first choose what kinds of supplies you are going to sell and supply to construction contractors. There are actually a multitude of options for would-be suppliers, and each supplier makes a choice based on what he/she thinks contractors in their area are most likely going to need or buy from suppliers. Consider these different types of construction material supplier you may encounter.

Stone Gravel Suppliers

If it is gravelly, crunchy, rocky, pebbly, or just plain hard, stone suppliers have it and stone suppliers sell it. They have all kinds of stone and gravel for all kinds of building purposes, and they usually sell bags of cement and concrete, too. From foundations to slab concrete to stone patios, these suppliers are the right people for anything rock- and concrete-related. 

Wood Suppliers

These suppliers are lumber companies. They have all the wood in all its forms needed to build homes and single- or double-level businesses. They supply contractors who need wood for roofing purposes as well as contractors who build other structures on your property. 

Steel Suppliers

Steel I-beams, steel rebar, steel reinforcing panels, and steel roofing materials are all part of the trade when you are a steel supplier. Contractors that build skyscrapers and multi-story commercial or residential buildings do business with a steel supplier. It does not matter if a building is made mostly from hollow concrete blocks; you still need steel rebar inserted into the hollow spaces of those blocks to make them strong and reinforce their strength. Buildings made almost entirely of steel and glass require a steel supplier and a glass supplier. 

Glass Suppliers

Some glass suppliers provide glass sheets in all sizes, densities, glazings, protective coatings, etc.. Other glass suppliers only supply windows, glass doors, glass sun roofs, and glass skylights. It just depends what contractors are in the market to get, and what the client/consumer has asked the contractor to build. A glass supplier that wants to go all in could also supply all of the above just to ensure that he/she makes ends meet as a glass supply company. 

The Everything-Supplier

Of course, there are also those construction suppliers that choose to supply everything. It is a very expensive way to conduct a business because you have to purchase so much of everything just to have it on hand, and what you cannot sell you are stuck with. However, the everything-supplier is often the first supplier contractors will try just out of convenience.