A Revamped Transport System For Your Commercial Business

Sending linemen out in the field to repair cable wires or install new components for a residential client may have resulted in you purchasing a couple pickup trucks to haul materials around. If your business expansion now requires more materials to be used on a daily basis, the use of standard vehicles could be contributing to delays in completing repairs and upgrades. Truck service bodies are valuable assets to the modern business owner and will make it possible for all of your technicians' equipment to be stored neatly.

A Body That Supports Each Load

Truck service bodies come in two main styles. An open body will contain panels that encase the cab area, and shelving or compartments will be on both sides of the panels. This style will allow your workers to enter the back of the truck, through the tailgate.

Materials that are long can be piled inside of the truck's bed and ratchet straps can be used to secure bulky materials. Although an open body would not protect items that are not stored inside of the truck body walls, a sliding roof cover can be purchased, which will allow sufficient protection from precipitation.

A closed service body consists of a metal design that will cover the entire bed area. With this body style, a series of compartments, drawers, or shelves will be built into the body. Aluminum and steel are two materials that commercial truck bodies are constructed of. Sometimes, aluminum is combined with other metal components to provide strength and rust resistance. 

A Spring Feature And A Locking System

When browsing through truck service bodies that are for sale, consider ease of access and the security features you would like to supply your crew with. Some truck styles feature a spring apparatus, which will ensure that a compartment door will remain open until it is manually closed.

This feature will make it more convenient for your technicians to gather up the materials needed to perform a repair or an installation, especially if all of the materials cannot be carried in one trip and a technician will need to walk back and forth to the truck on multiple occasions to gather what is needed to perform their work duties. A master locking system can be added to a service body's design, and this type of feature will allow a worker to secure all of the compartments at the same time.