Everything You Should Know About Diamond Tools

When you think of diamonds, your first thought is probably an image of diamond rings or diamond earrings, but diamonds are more than a classic and flashy gemstone. They are also one of the hardest stones and used in tools to cut through the toughest materials. 

History of Diamonds as Tools 

Diamonds have been used as tools even before they were valued for their beauty. In ancient Rome, diamonds were called adamas and were used to shape other gemstones. As early as the 4th century B.C., evidence of diamonds used for cutting jade and other kinds of beads appear in the scoring of artifacts that have been preserved from India, China, Thailand, and the Middle East. Diamonds continued to be used to cut and drill in the coming centuries. 

About Diamond Tools

Diamond tools are usually made of metal or stone with tiny shards of rough diamonds embedded into the tool with some kind of adhesive substance, like resin or ceramic, or welded to the tool with heat. The tiny shards of diamonds are sharp and hard enough to make incredibly efficient tools that are capable of cutting and drilling through stone. Diamond tools are also very long-lasting and resist typical wear and tear better than tools made of other materials. 

Types of Diamond Tools

Drilling Tools- Diamond drilling tools are used to drill holes in hard materials like glass, stone, gems, and porcelain. Diamonds are hard enough to drill neatly through things that might shatter with a less hard and sharp drill bit. 

Sawing Tools- Diamond embedded saws are used to slice through asphalt, concrete, and stone. 

Grinding Tools - Diamond grinding tools come in varying sizes; the biggest tools are used to grind down pavement and asphalt, and the smallest are used to create other tools and smooth edges. 

Cutting Tools- Diamond cutting tools are used to engrave metal and cut other diamonds and gems into brilliant shapes. 

Industries that Use Diamond Tools 

There are many industries that use diamond tooling: 

Construction- Construction uses various diamond bladed tools like saws and drills. 

Stone Cutting- Any type of stone processing or stonework typically uses diamond tools, like drills and grinders. 

Auto Industry- At various stages of production in the auto industry, diamond tools are used to cut metal and smooth parts with saws and grinders. 

Lapidary- Lapidary is gemstone cutting and polishing, and diamond tools are often used to cut and polish precious stones.

If you are interested in how diamond tooling can improve your work, contact a local supplier of tools that use diamonds.