Advice When Using Clear Plastic Sheeting As Dust Barriers During Remodeling

Clear plastic sheeting is a special type of material that works great as a dust barrier during remodeling projects. Dust can get everywhere when structures are cut and removed, but if you use this sheeting a particular way, it will work just how you need it to for a cleaner renovation. 

Make Sure You Order Enough

Ordering the right quantity of clear plastic sheets is important for getting started on this remodeling project right away. Think about the areas that you're remodeling and will be exposed to dust. Once you identify these areas, you can start taking physical measurements of walls and doorways.

Only until you have all the appropriate measurements for the rooms being renovated should you then order a quantity of clear plastic sheeting. And if you get too much, that's okay because you can just keep some around the house for other uses like covering firewood outside. 

Inspect Sheeting After It Arrives

After you get your clear plastic sheeting materials, hold off on using them for now. You want to perform a thorough inspection to make sure there are no punctures or tears that would still allow dust to collect in your home during an extensive remodel. 

Quickly glance over the sheeting to make sure it's sound and didn't come with any defects. If you do find issues, just notify the supplier you ordered from. They'll send you replacements at no charge to show good faith with you and future customers that order the same materials from them. 

Get Help From a Partner

It can be pretty difficult securing clear plastic sheets over walls and doorways by yourself. That's probably going to cause a lot of frustration as the sheets come tumbling down or don't get set up in an even way. 

But if you have a partner helping you out the entire time, you won't have to struggle as much. They can hold sections of sheeting for you until you're able to secure them with the appropriate tape. They can also stand back to make sure sections are lined up properly so that every relevant section has dust protection.

Clear plastic sheeting — although simple in design — can have profound effects for a lot of projects where dust can collect. If you're hoping to maximize this material's usefulness throughout your own home renovation, review protocol that will make said material easy to work with and manipulate. Look for someone who supplies light-duty clear plastic sheeting to get started.