Advice For Loosening Stuck Metric Fasteners

You aren't always going to remove metric fasteners easily after securing them into position. Maybe rust has developed or components have broken off that now make the fasteners more difficult to work or remove. Here are some loosening tricks that can help when metric fasteners do end up getting stuck.

Use a Slightly Larger Drill Bit When Stripping has Occurred 

Sometimes when you try to remove metric fasteners like screws, you can strip some of the head away. Then the current bit you're using isn't inserting so tightly and thus creating more movement for stripping to continue with the metric faster.

A simple solution is to go up a drill bit size. Then there will be less room for the bit to move around once placed on the face of the screw. It should be better sized to help you loosen the metric fastener. 

Rework the Head

When you're trying to loosen a metric fastener with a damaged head, you may not have to use a lot of invasive maneuvers. Rather, you might be able to just manipulate the head to where you can use the appropriate drill to take the fastener out.

If this option is appropriate, make sure you use an appropriate cutting tool that is strong enough to manipulate the fastener's head in a strategic way. Go slow until the head is reformed to where you can work with it using standard tools again. That will save you a lot of complicated steps. 

Drill Out the Fastener as a Last Resort 

If you no longer have a way to remove the metric fastener using corresponding tools, then you may need to actually drill into the fastener until you can chip away at it one piece at a time. This is usually reserved for metric fasteners that have a lot of damage or are just really old.

You can use a drill and work at different sections of the fastener, whether it's a screw or bolt. As long as you drill into the right areas with enough force, you can break apart the fastener in pieces and then remove it without damaging the materials it's secured into.

Metric fasteners may need to be removed at a later date. If it seems like loosening these fasteners is going to be difficult, then there are a lot of loosening measures you can try. Just find some that keep you from damaging the materials that the fasteners are in. 

For more information on metric fasteners, contact your local business.