Measures To Take When Purchasing High-Quality Hydraulic Seals

If there are areas within a hydraulic system that need to be sealed, you can purchase hydraulic seals. They're basically rings that can be used to form a seal assembly. In order to purchase a high-quality set, take these measures. 

Keep Consistent Maintenance Logs with Current Seals

You may already have some seals on a hydraulic system, and in that case, you'll want to keep consistent maintenance logs about them. That's going to give you helpful information to use when purchasing new hydraulic seals in the future.

For instance, your maintenance logs might show that certain seal materials are lasting longer than others. Then you'll know what materials to focus on the next time you get new hydraulic seals. 

Or maybe your seal maintenance data shows that certain seals are experiencing the same problem, such as coming loose around particular sections. You can use this data to pivot to different hydraulic seals that are able to work out much better.

Account for Shear Stress

A lot of hydraulic seals will be exposed to some type of shear stress, the contact that happens between multiple components. If you account for this stress when looking for hydraulic seals, you can find a set that's rated to hold up well despite the amount of pressure that happens within the hydraulic system.

The more pressure that a hydraulic system puts on a seal, the better shear stress resistance it will need. As long as you make the right calculations regarding this type of stress, you'll get hydraulic seals that hold up fine. 

Identify Sealing Goals

Which hydraulic seals you end up purchasing will depend a lot on the goals you have in mind for sealing. For instance, if you're looking to seal off areas around a piston, you'll need piston seals.

Whereas if you're trying to protect rod seals from a lot of pressure, you'll be better off going with buffer seals. There are many other seal varieties with different purposes, including wiper and symmetric seals. Just outline your goals so that you can go after the right type of hydraulic seals in the beginning. That's all it takes.

When you go out looking for hydraulic seals for a system, you have the ability to choose different sizes, materials, and designs. You'll be able to keep these varying properties straight by coming up with some goals for these components and following helpful buying protocols.