What Are The Benefits Of Using Screw-Pin Shackles?

When you set up lifting shackles, you have to choose the right type of shackle for your jobs. While the shackle itself is important here, the way it fastens also matters.

For example, you might not be sure whether to choose a screw pin or safety bolt product. While safety bolt shackles are good in some circumstances, sometimes a regular screw-pin fastener works more effectively. 

How do screw-pin shackles work? What are their benefits? 

How Do Screw-Pin Shackles Work?

Shackles have a hole on each of their two sidebars to hold fastening pins. When you are ready to add a load, you insert a pin through one of these holes. You then add the load and secure the other end of the pin in the hole on the other side of the shackle. This pin locks the shackle so you can move it and its load safely.

Screw-pin shackles work in a simple way. Their pins look like thick screws with threads on one end and a key-like shape on the other.

To fasten a shackle, you push the threaded end of the pin through one side of the shackle into the holding hole on the other bar. You then turn the key end to screw the pin into its hole. Once the pin is fully screwed in, you give it final turns to ensure that it is secure.

Why Use Screw-Pin Shackles?

Shackles make lifting jobs easier. They take the strain of a load and help you move it to different places. However, they do add to the time it takes to lift and move items. You have to manually close and open the shackles for each job.

Screw-pin fasteners speed up this work. These are the easiest and fastest shackles to set up and take down.

You don't need special tools or training here. Your workers simply screw a pin into place until its threads are completely in its hole. You then tighten it. When you need to remove a pin, you unscrew it again.

This is also a fast process. If you use alternative fastening pins, such as safety bolts, then your workers need more time to set up each shackle. They have to take an extra step to add and tighten a bolt to the pin before it is fully secure.

For more advice on screw-pin shackles and whether they are the right choice for your lifting jobs, talk to your equipment supplier. They can also recommend products with strong performance and safety track records.

Reach out to a supplier that sells a variety of shackles, such as Crosby lifting tools.