How To Pick The Best Bagged Ice Supplier For Your Lemonade Business

Do you run a lemonade business where you're adding squeezed lemons, sugar, water, and ice together to create a flavorful beverage? You may take this business so seriously that you regularly offer an assortment of fun flavors and add-ons for the beverages, including syrups and fresh fruit that your customers can enjoy with their drinks. But when it comes to adding ice to your drinks, you may still be searching for the perfect bagged ice supplier. Not sure how to pick a supplier offering the kind of ice you want? Take the following approach to find a supplier offering the best ice at fantastic prices.

Pick the Style of Ice You Want to Use 

Before picking a bagged ice supplier, you should know what type of ice style you want to use for your lemonade beverages, such as crushed iced, cubed ice, or even mini blocks of ice. Some suppliers offer small, round cubes that are easy to chew, perfect for those who like to eat some ice after they've finished their drinks. You may prefer smaller pieces of ice so that you're not taking up too much space with ice when filling up beverages for your customers, but you can put enough in to keep their drinks fresh and cold.

Determine How Much Ice You Will Need

Try to figure out how much ice you typically use when making beverages for customers. Knowing how much you're using each day can help you determine the amount of ice you'd need for the week, which gives you an idea of the size of the orders you would put in with the bagged ice supplier. It's common for suppliers to offer discounted prices when you're buying a bulk amount of bagged ice at once. If you have commercial freezers for your lemonade business, you can purchase your bagged ice in bulk without stressing over possibly running out of ice when you need it.

Contact Different Bagged Ice Suppliers with Any Questions

After picking a particular style of ice and figuring out how much you will use every week, contact different bagged ice suppliers to ask questions about their products, including how much they charge for a bag of ice you plan on using. By contacting several suppliers, you can learn more about their offerings, make comparisons, and purchase your ice inventory directly from them.

Having a bagged ice supplier to provide you with ice for your lemonade business will help you save money and offer the kind of ice your customers love. With many suppliers available, simply compare prices and choose one offering the style of ice you prefer for a price you can appreciate.