5 Different Types Of Hand Trucks

If you need to haul around heavy things, one way to reduce the strain on your body, and make the hauling process easier, is to invest in hand trucks. Hand trucks provide you with support to move heavy items short distances without straining your body.

Type #1: Furniture Dollies

A furniture dolly is flat and has four wheels. They have solid frames and locking casters. They are designed to handle hundreds of pounds of weight. They are used to assist with moving furniture inside houses and buildings to prevent damage to the floor. They also can handle the weight of your furniture, allowing one to use less physical energy, and put their body at less risk, when moving furniture.

Type #2: Appliance Hand Trucks

Appliance hand trucks are specially designed to handle appliances that weigh hundreds of pounds. They have two pneumatic wheels. They usually have either a steel or aluminum frame, providing a solid structure to rest an appliance against. Appliance hand trucks generally come equipped with a couple of belts wrapped around the appliance and used to ensure that the appliance is securely in place and doesn't tip off the hand truck when transported.

Type #3: Convertible Hand Trucks

If you need a hand truck that can do just about anything, that is where a convertible one comes into play. They can be manipulated so that you are moving things with two wheels or with four. You can also change the tilt of the hand truck. They are used for carrying a wide range of heavy items. A convertible hand truck is great if you move a lot of different stuff, and you want just one tool to help with all of that moving.

Type #4: Folding Carts

A folding hand cart is an excellent choice if you need to move things that are a little heavy but not extremely heavy. It is designed to handle lower-weight items, such as moving a big box. There are different weight capacities for folding carts, so be sure to consider what you want to move and choose one that can handle that weight capacity. You can easily fold it up, allowing for more flexible storage.

Type #5: Platform Carts

Platform carts are larger carts that are more rectangular in shape. Some also come with removable sides. They are most commonly used in warehouse stores to transport items within the store or out to customers' cars for items that are heavy or awkward in shape and size.

When it comes to moving heavy items, it is important to know the weight and size of the item so that you can choose the right hand truck for your business's needs.

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